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CAT Auditions and Workshops

Never auditioned before? Nervous about the process? Well C.A.T. is offering free audition prep workshops each month leading up to the General Auditions. At these workshops you will learn how to pick an audition piece, how to prepare it, and what to do in an audition to better set yourself up for success. Additionally, each person coming to these audition workshops, will have the opportunity to have one-to-one feedback on their piece prior to auditioning. 


Monologues For Actors:

You are more than welcome to pick your own monologue, but if you are unsure about what to choose, or have never chosen a monologue before, here is a selection of monologues for you to pick from.

If you would like more information on how to audition for theatre, please feel free to email our VP of Training, Albertus Koett, at albertus.koett@gmail.com