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Crimes of the Heart
- By Beth Henley

October 26 - November 10

The bizarre yet believable characters in this southern gothic comedy, deal with despair, loneliness and failure. Black humour enables the MaGrath sisters to find meaning and happiness in life, even if it is only momentary.

Playwright - Beth Henley
Ticket Price:
Friday or Saturdays: $71.40
Sundays $68.25
Season ticket holders save $5 per ticket.


Giving back to the community

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Craig Scott


Alicia is incredibly excited that you are here tonight and watching this incredible play. This production is Alicia’s first outside of school. She completed her music degree from the UofA in 2014. Then in 2016 completed the Theatre Performance and Creation diploma from RDC. After spending two years as a piano and singing teacher, she is incredibly excited to be back on stage with this amazing cast and crew. She sincerely hopes you enjoy Crimes of the Heart.

Reina Jugueta.jpg

Reina Jugueta
Stage Manager


Vanessa is from Red Deer, Alberta. She is a graduate of the Theatre performance and creation Program at Red Deer College. She is currently in the Motion Picture Arts Program. Her most recent show are Sweeny Todd (Tree House Youth Theatre), Annie (Notre Dame High school), Animal Farm, Mad Forest, Robin Hood, and Legally Blonde the musical (Red Deer College). She is pursuing a career in film acting.

Rebecca Lozinski.jpg

Rebecca Lozinski
as - Babe Botrelle


Alex is ready to get back to scripted theatre after a long five year deep delve in the dangerously delightful world that is Improv. Alex is excited that the words have already been written for him and that they are so moving and beautiful. If you can’t get enough of him in this, keep an eye out for him in his next season of Bullskit. Thanks for coming out.

Dustin Funk.jpg

Dustin Funk
as - Doc Porter


CAT is where Kirstin first began acting. Her first show was Five Women Wearing the Same Dress, also directed by Craig Scott. She is happy to be cast in another show under Craig’s direction. Her other credits with CAT include Unnecessary Farce and Some Girl(s). She is also in the upcoming dinner theater production of Real Estate, which she hopes you will also go and see. Thank you for supporting the arts in Central Alberta.


Craig has directed several plays for CAT, most recently Five Women Wearing the Same Dress. He is a CAT veteran, who has acted in several plays such as Nuts with ITT and Fox on the Fairway with CAT. He feels very fortunate to have an outstanding cast and crew to help take you on this emotional roller coaster and wants to thank them all for their hard work. Craig wants to thank you for supporting live theatre in Central Alberta and hopes you enjoy the show.

Alicia Maedel.jpg

Alicia Maedel
as - Lenny Magrath


Reina is enjoying her debut as Stage Manager for CAT's Dinner Theatre. She got started in theatre through her interest in costumes. She got involved with production and stage managing roles in "The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes" during CAT's 2017 season. She works full time as a Registered Nurse but has theatre and Kanzashi (handmade folded fabric flowers) as her creative vent. Reina would like to thank CAT for all the learning opportunities she’s had in the past year.

Vanessa McCagg.jpg

Vanessa McCagg
as - Meg Magrath


Rebecca welcomes you and is very excited you’re all here. You may recognize her from other CAT productions such as The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes and Some Girl(s). Much like her character, Babe, Rebecca is the youngest child in her family, and cannot play the saxophone (but dang it, she will try!) Rebecca hopes you enjoy watching the play, and asks that you always remember that you are loved, the bad day will pass, and you’re not so all alone.

Alex Rogers.jpg

Alex Rogers
as - Barnette Lloyd


Dustin’s love for acting began back in his hometown of Consort when he was in junior/high school. He was also involved in Consort’s amateur dinner theatre. He is a graduate of RDC’s Theatre Performance and Creation and MPA programs. He appeared in Summertime, The Comedy of Errors, Alice Through the Looking Glass, Shrek the Musical and in many student films, most recently in Cor Values. Crimes of the Heart is the second CAT show Dustin has performed in, appearing previously in last season’s final show, Mending Fences.

Kirstin Merriman.jpg

Kirstin Merriman
as - Chick Boyle

We are proud to be at the Black Knight Inn this season!

We are proud to be at the Black Knight Inn this season!


Central Alberta Theatre Presents - Mending Fences