Improv Jelly

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen, Welcome to one of the newest Improv and sketch group in Central Alberta!!


Hello Ladies and Gentlemen, Welcome Improv Jelly. We are Red Deerians who have trained around North America to create amazing stories out of thin air to entertain and delight everyone from teens to retirees.
Our vision at Improv Jelly is to, “Create great stories together.” That means we want you to be there to witness storytelling that is pulled out of thin air on the spot. Comedy, drama and everything in between is our playground. You will find a relaxed atmosphere to have a drink, eat some snacks, laugh and play along with us. We have fun and share fun. We offer escape, reflection and laughter as we create stories about this little place we call human reality.
Coming March 16th and 17th we have our St. Patrick’s Day shows. We bring you a few special drinks from the Emerald Isle, plus some Irish themed short for games (The quick high energy games) and themed long form (Longer, more developed stories never before seen or heard).
Tickets are $10 cash at the door (only at the door) for everyone. Cash bar with prices ranging from about $2-$8. First come, first serve seating. The shows are appropriate for ages 14 and up. The doors open at 7 pm and the show starts at 7:30 pm. The show ends around 9:30 pm.
Warning: As we improvise “in the moment” there make be strong language and suggestive material. We don’t mean to offend anyone, but want to let you know improv is a “laying the track as the train is coming art form!”
We love working locally supporting local fun, creation and bringing you the best local movers and shakers we can find. Thank you for your support. You are the reason we love to tell stories. See you at the show!!!
Paul Sutherland & Nicole Leal & the Improv Jelly team