Show #3


Willow Quartet

Playwright:  Joan Burrows
Director:  Suzanne Hermary

Brief description of the play:
Kim and Ben’s marriage has ended. Kim struggles with unresolved trauma, and she falls in love again with a charismatic musician. It doesn’t work out.



Romantic Drama


Character breakdowns and age ranges:

 KIM – 40 to 45, paralegal, estranged wife of Ben.

 BEN – 40 to 45, mechanic, estranged husband of Kim.

 MARJORIE – Kim’s mother, 60-65 years old, retired, widowed. 

 JIM – late 40s to early 50s, professional violinist and 1st chair for the City’s symphony orchestra.


Anticipated show dates:  Jan 17 – Feb 1, 2020