Show #4


As Long As You Both Shall Live

Playwright:  Sean Grennan
Director:  Trysten Luck

Brief description of the play:
is a hilarious, energetic who-dun-it about power struggles and being accepted.



Character breakdowns and age ranges:

ADDISON ASHE - Female 20-30, Pretty, unique, exuberant, “super power smart" and a lightning fast learner yet still struggles with romantic relationships. Role contains Intimacy, stage combat and some Spanish lines.

 JAMIE WILCOX - Male 20-30, Attractive, rich, reserved but can jump into action when pushed, fiance of Addison. Role contains intimacy.

 MRS. WILCOX - Female 50+, Jamie’s mother and matron of one of the richest families in the world.  Domineering and expects perfection.

 RAUL MONTALBAN and LIEUTENANT DOBBS - Male 30-40, Raul is one of the premier wedding planners in the world and isn’t afraid to let you know. A perfectionist with a flamboyant personality.  Lieutenant Dobbs is a mundane, suspicious, quick to accuse detective who comes in to investigate Raul’s murder. Role contains many quick costume changes, Spanish lines and stage combat.

 REVEREND MOUNTAIN - Male 30-40, Loud, awkward and eccentric. This scotophoric, confused, fill-in pastor has a story that doesn’t add up. Role has Spanish lines.


Anticipated show dates:  Feb 14 - 29, 2020