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After a murder in a locked room, where no one could have entered or exited, Sherlock Holmes and Dr. John Watson are called in to investigate. While this investigation is going on, they must also contend with the newly discovered threat of the mysterious Professor Moriarty. Holmes and Watson are headed down a dangerous path, against an even more dangerous foe.

1st batch: Feb 26 at 9AM (10 tickets each show) 2nd batch: April 1 at 9AM (10 tickets each show) 3rd batch: May 1 at 9AM (10 tickets each show) 4th batch: June 1 at 9AM (15 tickets each show)

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Feb.22 - 24th 2018

Join us for the continuing adventures of Sherlock Holmes and Dr. John Watson as they try to solve three mysteries in one night. Holmes and Watson try to maintain business as usual, despite the having to deal with the ominous message sent to them at the end of A Study in Scarlet, a card with the letter "M" painted on it in blood!

The evening consists of 3 one act plays:

The Red Headed League  |  The Boscombe Valley Mystery  |  A Scandal in Bohemia

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Act 1

The Red Headed League- Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson are employed by Jane Wilson to discover the secret behind the mysterious Red Headed League, and organization so secretive, that no one has ever heard of them. 

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The Boscombe Valley Mystery- Holmes and Watson must race against time to clear the name of a young man accused of killing his own mother.


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A Scandal in Bohemia- With the danger increasing every day, Holmes and Watson must assist the King of Bohemia, against the infamous Irene Adler. Whole monarchies may be at stake!

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September 14th - 16th 2017

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