Dinner Theatre Season 2019-20



Show #1
The Love (row) Boat

Playwright:  Albert Azzara
Director:  Albert Azzara

Brief description of the play
This is a comic farce that follows two older couples who face an unexpected danger by using their wits and abilities.



Character breakdowns and age ranges:

 VIVIAN VANCE - 70’s, an ex-private eye. Strong, independent, handy with a gun. Devoted to her husband Fred.

 FRED VANCE - 70’s, nice guy, Mr. Magoo type. Dithery, curious, starting to feel his age. In love with his wife Vivian.

 LENORE GREEN - 70’s, ex-actress of the “B” variety. Demanding, but good friend material. Can be cutting if deserved. Wife to Ed.

 ED GREEN - 70’s, business entrepreneur. Loud and brash but reliable. Likes to spar with his wife but he lets her win.  Husband to Lenore.

 CONSTABLE ABE TUCKER – 20 to 30’s, new to the RCMP. Polite, small town upbringing. Takes charge in tight situations.

 HELEN SHIPLEY - late 60’s, trying to be 45. Could be a poster girl for “cougars”. Can be catty to strangers and loves being married.

 RICHARD ALAN TYLER - 20-30’s, career criminal. His initials describe him perfectly-R.A.T. Only cares about one person-Richard.

 Anticipated show dates:  November 1 to 16, 2019