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Central Alberta Theatre Society started in 1970 in Red Deer, Alberta, making it now one of the oldest not for profit, volunteer‐based amateur theatre companies in Canada. In 1994, in a mutually beneficial lease agreement with the City of Red Deer, CAT took over the operation of the 704 seat Memorial Centre. We also work with other community organizations and non-profits to help one another achieve important goals and milestones.
The objective of the Society is to promote and recognize artistic, literary and cultural talent in the performing arts and to develop
community interest.
Our mission is to produce enjoyable opportunities in theatre through volunteerism, participation and performance.


Central Alberta Theatre (CAT) operates the Memorial Centre as well as hosting amateur theatre productions, so we have many opportunities to volunteer that don’t include acting.


The Memorial Centre hosts concerts, dance recitals, children’s shows, theatre, comedians, and many other public events. Our volunteers act as ushers, ticket takers, concession workers, and sometimes merchandise sellers for these various events. Our Front of House Manager works closely with all of these volunteers to ensure that everyone has a position that complements their skills and interest.

One of the benefits of being a Front of House volunteer in the Memorial Centre is that you are able to see the concerts and shows that you work – at no charge. We also provide Front of House staff for CAT productions, in the Nickel Studio and at our Dinner Theatre productions. They both require ushers and ticket takers, and Nickel productions also require a concession volunteer. These volunteers get complimentary tickets to the production that they are working on. 



Our production crews for CAT shows are also volunteers. This can include designing, building and painting sets, designing posters and programs, finding or creating props, stage management, acting, directing, hair and make-up, costume design and construction, working as back stage crew, and much more. 

We provide training workshops from time-to-time in areas like lighting, sound, makeup, and more, depending on what our volunteer needs are at the time. We also try to pair experienced volunteers with inexperienced ones whenever possible.

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Volunteering as crew offers the opportunity to participate in live theatre - even if you are not an actor. For example, if you are pursuing a career in graphic design, then designing posters and programs for print can be used as a portfolio-building exercise.

Volunteers on a production crew receive up to two tickets to the production for their own use. In the case of dinner theatre, these tickets also include the meal. 

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  • Seeing Free Concerts and Shows

  • · Earning Free Theatre Tickets

  • · Making new friends and acquaintances

  • · Enjoying Creative and fun opportunities

  • · Being an active part of performing arts in Central Alberta

  • · Training and learning new skills

  • · Helping to provide opportunities for community growth through the arts

  • · Being a part of showcasing local talent and abilities


Volunteers are required to be Members of the theatre company. Membership entitles you to free admission to all CAT preview performances.

Membership also allows you to attend Member and Volunteer Appreciation events throughout the year.

In the past yearly memberships cost $25.00 for single and $35.00 for a family all residing at the same address. For a limited time, we are offering one-year memberships for FREE to all our volunteers.